KHURSHIDS SAMOOSAS was founded in 1999 being based on a family tradition going back to the early 1960,s.

After extensive research we decided to manufacture a

Non-Commercial, long life,wafer thin , high quality,handmade samoosa.

The emphasis had to be on the above qualities.That was way back in 1999.

We realised that the market had become complacent and that quality had been compromised for so long that people accepted the poor quality samoosas that were being offered as being the best available.

The market was also plagued with poor delivery times, awefull presentation and a lack of variety.

We wanted to move away from the above situation and offer our clients on-time delivery as well as a high quality product, a product that we would personally feel comfortable in eating.

Our clients are Home Executives,Hostesses, High class Caterers and Coffee shops.Very often our products are taken overseas for others to enjoy.

Our motto is " We manufacture on time, everytime".

We are proud of the fact that we are able to open up any box of samoosas and feel comfortable to eat it ourselves or to serve it to our guests.

Best Regards

Khurshid Allie