Easy Cutlets



1 Cup Cooked Chicken Filling
1 Cup Mashed Potatoes
1 Cup Boiled Spagetti
1 Cup Cheese


  1. Combine all 4 ingredients
  2. Form into cutlets
  3. Dip in egg and bread crumbs and fry in shallow oil over low heat
  4. Drain on rack and serve with chutney



  Origin of the humble samoosa.

The deep-fried,triangular pastry  is India’s great contribution to the world of fast food, the product of a thousand years of culinary heritage.Food historians have established, however, that the samoosa originated not in India, but in Persia. The sanbusaj, originally a Persian term for any stuffed, savory pastry,started showing up in Persian, Arab and Turkish literature in the 9th century, when poet Ishaq ibn Ibrahim-al-Mausili wrote verse praising sanbusaj.The first mention of the proper samoosa was in Amir Khusrao’s 13th century work "Memoirs of Delhi's royal court" .