How do I fry samoosas

Fry in deep oil over medium heat (180°C) turning them over a few times so that they are evenly browned.Remove from oil when it is light brown in colour.Drain in colander or place on paper towel to absorb excess oil.

Samoosas appear unattractive,wrinkly,What am I doing wrong.

Samoosas should be fried in deep oil which should not be too hot. Rapid frying will cause samoosa to be wrinkly.

How to prevent cheese from oozing out of cheese samoosas

Cheese samoosas should be fried for a much shorter period of time than other samoosas. Frozen cheese samoosas should be defrosted before frying.As soon as the samoosas turn a light brown it should be removed from the oil.Do not turn samoosas over too many times.

Cheese samoosas appear empty

 Cheese based samoosas are best served warm. When it is cold the cheese stick to the sides of the pur and the centre becomes empty. When this happens microwave the samoosas ever so slightly so as to melt the cheese.

How do i identify mince and chicken samoosas after frying it together

Mark your mince samoosas with red and the chicken with green food colouring  or vice versa. You can then fry all your samoosas together This makes it easy to see which is which once it has been fried.

Is defrosting frozen samoosas necessary

        Only cheese based samoosas should be defrosted 

        What is the shelf life of your samoosas

Our samoosas can be kept in the deep freeze for up to 3 -4 months.

     Can samoosas be baked in an oven

Yes, for those of us who are health concious, brush the samoosas with cooking or olive-oil and bake it in an oven until crispy.Turn over and do the same to the other side. See How To.