We have put together some lovely Dip, Chutney and other Recipes for you to enjoy with your samoosas.They are extremely easy to make.

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The deep-fried,triangular pastry  is India’s great contribution to the world of fast food, the product of a thousand years of culinary heritage.Food historians have established, however, that the samoosa originated not in India, but in Persia. The sanbusaj, originally a Persian term for any stuffed, savory pastry,started showing up in Persian, Arab and Turkish literature in the 9th century, when poet Ishaq ibn Ibrahim-al-Mausili wrote verse praising sanbusaj.The first mention of the proper samoosa was in Amir Khusrao’s 13th century work "Memoirs of Delhi's royal court" . 

0, my luve is like a deep brown samosa,
that's newly fried in ghee.
0, my love is like a glass of lassi,
that's sweetly drained by me.
As crisp thou art, my fine pastry,
so deep in luve am I,
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
even if the chutney runs dry.
-- with apologies to Robbie Burns