Ingredients :

Salt and pepper
Paste (water, flour)
1 cup flour
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp green chillies
½ tsp white pepper
1 dessert spoon mayonnaise
1 dessert spoon ghee/butter
lemon juice
chopped dhania
water and milk – mixed

Method :

- Slice polony into circles.
- Apply paste, add cheese, flavour with salt and pepper and cover with another polony. Press and stick together.
- Make a batter with the flour and the rest of the ingredients.
- Dip polonies in batter and fry.



  Origin of the humble samoosa.

The deep-fried,triangular pastry  is India’s great contribution to the world of fast food, the product of a thousand years of culinary heritage.Food historians have established, however, that the samoosa originated not in India, but in Persia. The sanbusaj, originally a Persian term for any stuffed, savory pastry,started showing up in Persian, Arab and Turkish literature in the 9th century, when poet Ishaq ibn Ibrahim-al-Mausili wrote verse praising sanbusaj.The first mention of the proper samoosa was in Amir Khusrao’s 13th century work "Memoirs of Delhi's royal court" .